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and, creating a culture of excellence through continuous improvement by way of the accreditation process

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Our reputation for possessing extensive expertise in accreditation has been earned through rich, hands-on experience in leading and guiding institutions through all aspects of the accreditation life cycle and beyond—from helping schools achieve or maintain their candidate and/or accredited status, to assisting owners in the creation of start-up institutions, to coaching education professionals to achieve greater levels of efficacy in their profession. We strive to position our clients to not only demonstrate compliance with their oversight agencies, but also grow in their commitment to overall educational excellence.


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HEAC provides an array of consultation services to help your institution traverse the sometimes-complex policies, processes, and practices related to education and/or accreditation. Perhaps your institution is seeking accreditation or is challenged by the numerous requirements and rigors of maintaining its status with additional oversight agencies, or perhaps your administration needs guidance on how to best navigate new roles and responsibilities. We provide consultation services relative to planning and implementing specific changes to ensure schools continue to demonstrate compliance with accreditation and other agency requirements. 

HEAC can also help your institution approach accreditation as a maintenance effort through a monthly subscription for on-going assistance. Let us advise your institution concerning numerous support services options.

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